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It looks like your flight is about to get cancelled. As you fight off enemy forces that have crashed your plane, as well as fending off your deranged comrades, your skills will be put to the test in the epic arena-style game Strike Force Heroes Full Unblocked.

Unblocked Version of Strike Force Heroes uses a platform style with the usual keyboard controls (WASD or arrow keys, mouse) to move your character through a rich, lengthy storyline with a multitude of levels.

Strike Force Heroes Unblocked

The variety of environments alone makes this game worth playing, and the graphics, though simple, are pleasing to the eye. With this minimalistic approach to aesthetics, the game plays smoothly with little glitching or delay.


Unblocked Strike Force Heroes

Players are given a choice between four character classes: Commando, Assassin, Medic and Tank. Each have their own special abilities and achievements. It takes a bit of experimenting to see which class is best for you, but it’s fun to try each one to see what they can do. Players can switch between two weapons using the space bar. The game sports over 65 different weapons that become available as you advance, and kill-streaks can unlock stronger abilities that make it easier to defeat your enemies.


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Different goals for each level keep things interesting. Sometimes you’ll be sent to capture an enemy flag or beating a level in a certain amount of time. You may find yourself facing a boss enemy that requires teamwork (even though your teammates are AIs) in order to take them down. Fortunately, the AIs in the game aren’t as dumb as most games make them, so you can at least count on them having an average skill level.


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The game is remarkably complex and content-rich for a Flash game. The creators really went all out on the storyline and made it interesting and engaging. Even the soundtrack is better than most other games, and it fits almost perfectly with the militaristic style of the game. There haven’t been any huge problems reported with the controls, thankfully.


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The only complaint about this game is the jump in difficulty you face in later levels. Players may find themselves frustrated when their enemies gain a higher skill level so quickly, so expect to have to step up your game later on. In the end, Strike Force Heroes Unblocked has some pretty dynamic elements in it, and the cliffhanger ending will leave you begging for a sequel!